5 Ways to Stay Organized

Have you ever been in a disorganized place and felt really ‘gross’? Yes? Well I’ve been there too. To be more realistic I was a super disorganized person. I used to wake-up leave my bed messy, my yesterday’s clothes on the floor, my make-up on my vanity, in betweem others. To be honest I “didn’t” have a problem with it… until I went back to school. That’s when the problems begun.

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I couldn’t concentrate to do my homework, to read or to write because of my mess. My notes decreased and my parents got mad at me. I knew I needed to change.

In order to accomplish that I started seeing youtubers rooms, and got ALL of my inspiration from their videos ( another way you can get more organized ) After that I decided to stablish some rules in order to keep my neatness at my room:

1. Disorganize.

It may be the worst thing you can read if you want to be more organized, but believe is good to disorganize, but, BUT, be sure that when you’ll do that, you will organize right away.

Is simple, disorganize what you need to disorganize, and then organized what you disorganize. Tongue twister? I know.

2. Look at home decor during the day.

As I said on my introductory paragraph. I got all of my inspiration at youtube videos, that was when I was like 12 years old, but now that we have all this “technological” improvement, Instagram offers a variety of accounts that you can follow to get decoration ideas or tips.

If you don’t like to depend on your phone all the day, you can also try decoration magazines. There’s a whole collection of them, and you can even choose one. You can choose the one that goes more with your style, from modern to vintage. It all depends on you and your style.

3. Invest more in the area you hang in more.

When you invest, you will feel bad if you don’t give the things the proper use. For example, I bought a cup for my pens, and it cost me quite a lot of money, and then I’ll have it under a bunch of paper, I will go a head and clear that space so I can ‘show off’ the item.

It’s all about the showing off how organized you are.

If you live with your family invest more in your bedroom, because that’s the place we hang more.

If you leave by yourself, invest in a office, because one of the bad things of working on our bedroom, is the bed. When you have an office you will not feel so tempted to take a nap, which is a really bad idea.

4. Get good Illumination.

This is the key to stay organized. If you have your room near a window, then you should probably keep ot organized so when someone looks to your house or visits you, then you can show them that you are a very oranized person and illumination will only help you to clear you statement.

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See the light really helps. 

5. Organize you stuff by categories.

This is a majot tip. I recomend to invest in organizers, plastic, wooden, ceramic, whatever you desire. Just make sure you use them.

This idea is for those that have lots of things and a lot of drawers. Organizers will keep your stuff in their place, and if you invest in really good ones then you will not only keep organized but you can show that you have really good support materials.

This are my rules. I want to know what are yours? What is that rule that never fails to keep you organized? Please let me know so I can try it.

Greetings, Sara x.

Don’t forget to check out my instagram (and maybe follow me?) @sara_galvez


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