My 2016 Goals

I know that I’m a little bit late with this post. To be honest, I forgot about it, until this afternoon that I started looking through my journal. I thought that by posting my ‘goals’ I can inspire you to make some of your own, and share them with me.

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I prefer to organize my goals in categories. I have fitness, lifestyle, knowledge and finance goals, because that’s some of the areas that are hard to work on, for me.

Fitness Goal:

To be honest I don’t have issues with the way my body is, but there are certain things that I would love to change this year:

1. Start the Gym. Oh my God, this is difficult. I have always struggled to get on the GYM and more importantly stay on in. This year I want to start it and get my body a better shape.

2. Run at a soccer practice at least one mile with-out stoping. In case you didn’t know I love soccer. Is one of my favorite sports, and I enjoy playing it. But I always had problems when it comes to run. This is a flexible goal, you can change my goal into a ‘run a marathon’ or ‘run three miles per week’ I don’t know. Running is good for our bodies, and it clears our mind.

3. I want to get my abs marked. This is a stupid goal, but is something I want to do. As I practice soccer my legs have developed muscles, but when it comes to my abs… well let’s not talk about it, shall we?

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Lifestyle Goals:

This area is the one that I enjoy the most. Why? Because I love everything about lifestyle, reading about and putting it on practice:

1. Become more simple at things. I think that as humans we tend to overthink problems or stuff in general. That’s my major issue. I want to know for sure, that all people have problems and if we just think it through once we can find a easy solution for it.

2. Do my homework EVERY-DAY. Yeah, I’ll let the title explain itself.

3. Read the lesson before the actual class. This is a very important goal, for everyone. Is so important to read the lesson before the class in order to prepare your mind to understand the subject more easily. Boring? Yes, it is. But I rather read the lesson before that be filled with question the day of the class.

4. Get better hand writing. As a blogger-writer, having a good hand writing is essential for me. In order for you to understand my blogs, I need to understand my hand writing first, or that’s what I think.

Knowledge Goals:

1. Read at least 20 books. It may sound a little bit to much, but reading is something I enjoy and last year I read about 15 books (that was my goal tho) so this year I want to go a little bit further and read twenty books.

2. Pay attention to quotes and lessons of life. Have you ever wrote a quote on your journal or at the bottom of your new Instagram post and not really pay attention to it? Well I have, and I want to change that. Quotes and lessons have very beautiful meanings that can really help you if you just take a deep look on them:


See another motto you can live by. Be the person you want everyone to see.

Finance Goals.

1. Save money. Hey, look another ‘almost impossible’ goal, but is possible. Think like this. I like to spend my money on things that I know for sure that I’ll use. Being underage limits me to save from the money that my parents give me. So whenever I save a good amount I like to spend it on make-up brushes or make-up itself, because I’m starting to learn about it and I’m really intrigued about that subject.

So that’s it. I hope that you found some inspiration to really think about what you want to achieve this 2016 and please, please let me know on the comment section, below what are your goals. See ya.

Greetings, Sara x.

*credits to the person that created the beautiful quote picture, you are so inspiring*



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